Front Runner | Phase 1 Booklet
While doing research on the brand and campaign, we noticed a big gap in the market for elderly people.  Older people still love camping, but need more gear to do so. Therefore, if older people knew about Front Runner, they would be able to go camping more, and in greater comfort!  ‘Swaeltjies’ are elderly people that swerve around in their vehicles from venue to venue and set up camp wherever they end up.  These people are our main target market.  They will be motivated to buy gear and products if the products make it easier for them to set up, 
but not limit the fun of it.  
Front Runner | Phase 2 | Conversation between FR employee and Oom Gert (The Customer)
The plan of action is to help these elderly people get to know Front Runner, and subsequently to invest in some of their products.  This will be done by designing a direct mail campaign where the user has to interact with the products and send a message to the company to apply.  These elements have to motivate the elderly to possibly invest in the products because they make their set-up easier without taking the ‘camp’ out of camping! That it will be camping like in the old days, just easier!
Front Runner | Phase 3 | Direct Mail Package
The big idea is to create a nostalgic feel through using collage, created using old Huisgenoot magazine cutouts.  The collage should remind them of the old days, with memorable visuals and sayings.  The copy plays a big part because it is in Afrikaans, and very traditional word play is used to intrigue the users and surprise them, as it is in their first language.  Old Afrikaans idioms and sayings are used to relate to the nostalgic idea of the campaign and the brand being like the old days, just easier!  
Front Runner | Bosveld Television
Front Runner | Quick Setup Camping Chair
Front Runner | Coasters
Front Runner | Postcards
Front Runner | Bush Soap promoting the Camping Shower
Front Runner | Notepad and Receipts booklet
Front Runner | License Stickers
Front Runner | Poster design | Asks customers to share their stories
Front Runner | Poster designs of the shared stories
Front Runner | Direct Mailer Package as a whole
Front Runner | Social Media Gif design
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